International Scientific Conference

Accounting, Audit, Analysis:

From Conventional Tech and Methods to Artificial Intelligence in Science and Business: New Challenges or Opportunities



The purpose of the conference is to explore how recent changes in economics and technology are transforming the fields of accounting, audit, business analysis, and management, while evaluating their dual role as both a challenge and an opportunity for the future of science and business.


Topics of the Conference*


I. Trends of Development in Technologies and Methods in Accounting Science and Practice 

  • The Evolution and Advancement of Accounting Science and Practices.
  • The Metamorphosis of Management Accounting Research: Encompassing Novel Methodologies and Future Possibilities.
  • The Transformation and Evolution of Accounting Studies in the Age of AI, Shaping the Future of the Profession.

II. The Modernization and Advancement of Audit Science and Practices 

  • The Reinvention of Audit Methodologies and Practices Through the Adoption of New Technologies.
  • The Transformation of Internal Audit: Revolutionizing the Internal Control System with Innovative Approaches and Opening New Prospects.
  • The Transformation and Evolution of Audit Studies in the Age of AI, Redefining the Future Trajectory of the Profession.

III. Advancing Financial Analysis Sciences and Business Management in the Age of Technological Transformation 

  • The Development of Traditional and the Formulation of New Approaches in Financial Analysis Science and Business Practices.
  • The Integration of New Technologies and Approaches in Financial Analysis and Management Processes.
  • The Transformation and Prospects of Business Performance Assessment Science and Practice.


*including other topics related to the theme of the conference



Conference language - English.

Conference takes abstracts.

The abstracts submission language - English.

Conference materials will be issued in conference proceedings (https://www.journals.vu.lt/proceedings).

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